Image by Nycholas Benaia



Barrie and Rebekah Watson

Barrie and Rebekah became the Senior Pastors of Riverlife Church in 2022. They have been members of the church for many years, Barrie has lead worship in church for over 20 years and Rebekah has worked in children's and youth ministry. They have two children.
They believe that Christ has given each member a spiritual gift which He intends to be used to strengthen and build the church. They seek to encourage everyone to recognise, develop and use their God given gifting in the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom.



John and Linda Gaze

Having pastored Riverlife Church for over 12 years,  John and Linda retired from the senior leadership position in early 2022. They have two active grandchildren who keep them busy!

They remain Trustees and a vital part of the overall leadership team.

Linda works part time carrying out the church administration work and John aims to take it easy in retirement while playing a supporting role as the church continues to grow under the leadership of Barrie and Rebekah.